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We know all about glass and even more about how to clean it so that it is as clean and clear as air.

👩‍🔬Everything is simple, or what is the secret of our success?

In order to guarantee you the quality of our window cleaning service, we take care of two key elements: the latest washing and cleaning equipment and highly qualified staff. 

🧽 New equipment

The latest equipment used by our cleaners allows them to work almost 20 per cent more efficiently and quickly compared to classic window cleaning methods. In addition to this, our specialists are constantly trained and have extensive knowledge of window and window frame cleaning schemes and plans.

🏆 Guarantee you a high-quality service

Therefore, we can certainly guarantee you a high-quality service and a long-lasting result. Try it and stay satisfied with the perfectly clean surface of your windows. 

Order window cleaning as a main service or include it to a cleaning service (general or maintenance) and enjoy the total cleanliness of your space. 

Results of our cleaning

The most effective window cleaning in Warsaw

And did you know that according to the time of year, the weather conditions and the types of windows themselves, we use different detergents and equipment for cleaning and washing? Do you really want to have all the cleaning products for your windows at home or would it be easier and cheaper to call our company? We leave the choice behind you.

Windows affect your home from street dust, rain, wind and polluted air. Absolutely all types of windows whether PVC, aluminium or wooden require cleaning several times a year. 


At first sight, window cleaning appears to be a fairly straightforward job, but in reality it has a lot of fine nuances, starting with the technique of cleaning the glass and ending with properly picked up detergents that will not leave stains or divorce after drying. 


It is also worth noting that window cleaning is not only about cleaning the glass, but also about cleaning the window frame and metal parts, for which you also need to choose an effective cleaning agent. 


If you wash the windows incorrectly and choose the wrong detergent, you may leave stains and even scratches on the glass, which will then make it difficult to look through the window. 

The wrong cleaner for the window frame can damage the surface, leave stains or scratches. 

What is our super power in :

  • We clean absolutely all windows and all types of window frames. Standard windows, custom designer windows or large panorama windows are no problem for us. 
  • We clean windows in flats, offices, homes, commercial spaces and more. 
  • We clean or what stains on the windows after renovation: we remove glue, paint drops, construction dust and setter from the glass. We use special equipment for this purpose: a steam generator and a cleaning vacuum. 
  • We only use professional cleaning fluids for cleaning and washing windows, and check all quality certificates and other necessary documents. 
  • We do not forget to clean the seals and metal mechanism of the window. We fight corrosion on metal parts. 
  • We clean windows from the outside and inside. Our cleaners carry a long slide so they can easily clean the windows without compromising safety techniques.

What clean windows in your home or office will say about you 

Cleanliness in any room is a necessity for normal work or relaxation. The first thing the eyes always look at are the windows. Everyone likes to see clean mirrored surfaces. Unfortunately, when cleaning, housekeepers often ignore the cleanliness of their windows and treat them as something secondary. 

Let us make a brief analogy: dirty windows in a tidy flat are like unwashed hair against the backdrop of a perfect designer costume. The picture is beautiful and emphasises the figure, but the unwashed hair spoils everything. So do the windows. If they are clean, it means that you take care of your flat and are respectful of yourself and the people with whom you share your space. 

The best solution for window cleaning is to contact Wypranella. Contact us and window cleaning has never been so easy. 

The technologies of our cleaning company

Myjemy okna

Our dedicated employees carry out their duties with great dedication every day, 

so that your windows are clean, shiny and bright! In-house cleaning is carried out by experienced employees who carry out their work using specific cleaning products and equipment, namely:


1. we clean the windows from top to bottom

2. we clean the frames from inside and outside 

3. we clean the frame and door leaf profiles

4. we clean the windows from both sides from top to bottom

5. remove dust from the sill


Clean windows and your health

Dust, dirt and microorganisms accumulate in our rooms from time to time, which has an a negative impact on the human organism. It is therefore essential to clean the premises you are in to ensure your health. Windows, like nothing else, get very dirty and modern people, with their busy lifestyles, do not have time to clean them. 

mycia okien
mycia okien

Frequently asked questions

Booking a window cleaning service from our company is very easy and fast. All you need to do is go online, select a service, enter the number of windows to be cleaned and indicate whether the windows are post-renovation and standard size. 

So that we are always well prepared for the cleaning, we kindly ask you to always let us know in advance if your windows are of an unusual size and shape. 

The price of the service is influenced by 4 main factors

  1. the status of the service: main or additional

Window cleaning can be ordered as a main service (window cleaning only) as well as an additional service (cleaning + window cleaning). Window cleaning is cheaper if you order it together with cleaning. 

  1. Window type 

Cleaning windows of unusual size and shape is more expensive. 

  1. whether the window is renovated or not 

Windows are more difficult to clean after renovation. The price for such cleaning is more expensive than for a normal service. 

  1. superficiality 

The price of the service is affected by the height of the floor on which the windows are located. 

To wash one window to our high standards and requirements, the contractor needs about 20-30 minutes. 

  1. make sure your window sill is empty
  2. remove the curtains 
  3. move any furniture that prevents free access to the window

Delegate window cleaning to true professionals and take care of your health.

Our professionals are happy to clean windows in offices, shops, cafés, restaurants, commercial premises, bistros, canteens, etc.