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 We are the same company that not only thoroughly vets its employees and checks their knowledge, but also provides far-reaching guarantees and high insurance for its services. 

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Our company provides professional office cleaning services and makes it easy and convenient to order a cleaning crew. With us, your equipment and furnishings will remain safe and the cleaning will be done at a time that suits you. 

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It doesn’t matter how big an office you want to clean or what street it is located on. Just use the quick and easy online booking facility on our website. 

Are you looking for a good office cleaning services?

Choose the service you are interested in and the date you want it done. If you have additional requests – also include them in the form. 

Our qualified and discreet staff will ensure your one hundred per cent satisfaction and our dedicated customer service team will help you with any cleaning issue. 

We are professional Janitorials

We offer a comprehensive office cleaning service, which includes the following activities:

  1. washing and vacuuming the floor in all areas (office rooms, kitchen, conference rooms, reception, toilets)
  2. vacuuming of carpets
  3. emptying waste bins and changing bags 
  4. dusting of all open surfaces: tables, chairs, cupboards, lamps, switches, door handles
  5. cleaning of wash basins in the toilets and dishwashers in the kitchen
  6. cleaning doors

For the surfaces of tables, doors, switches, mirrors we use detergents that successfully fight fingerprints and prevent new ones from appearing for a long time. 

Additional services on request:

window cleaning 

furniture washing

Carpet cleaning

Try our service once and solve the problem of professional office cleaning forever!

We successfully clean all dirt of any kind. We do not forget the hard-to-reach places in the room. We are focused on a long and profitable relationship with every client who entrusts their office to us, so we take care of all the details with great precision. 

We are one of the best in office cleaning

Why us? 

The work of our team is not only a perfectly cleaned office. It is also punctuality, honesty, attention to detail, individual work with the client, professional approach to the choice of detergents for a brilliant result. In addition, moderate prices await you, which reduce if we clean for you regularly.

Our advantages:

  • We work 24/7
  • We do not disturb your employees
  • We arrive at the office earlier in the morning until the start of the working day or in the evening when the day is finished. We work when your employees are resting, so as not to disrupt anyone’s business
  • We use professional detergents that not only clean the surfaces, but also prevent new stains from forming, thus prolonging the effect after cleaning. 
  • We employ only professional staff. All our staff are highly qualified in effective cleaning methods and the choice of detergents for each surface. 
  • Price excellence

Working with us is enjoyable not only because you get a perfectly clean office, but also financially: our prices go down in proportion to the increase in the number of your orders. This means you get more cleaning – and pay even less for it. 

By choosing to work with our company, you have the opportunity to save wisely and enjoy a perfect result at the same time. 

A cleaning service is a great way to save on staff costs. From today, you no longer need to hire a cleaner. Order a better office cleaning service from our company and only pay for it. We will inspect and train your contractors ourselves. All you have to do is enjoy the cleanliness. 

We employ a sufficient number of contractors to be able to guarantee to all our clients the punctuality of our cleaning. We do not advance the cleaning hour or move the service to another day. Everything works according to schedule.

What kind of cleaning do we do?

  • We do various types of professional office cleaning, namely:
  • cleaning after a renovation
  • cleaning before or after a move
  • daily cleaning to maintain general office cleanliness 
  • cyclic cleaning (cleaning which we carry out with full frequency).
  • In addition to our comprehensive office cleaning service, we offer a variety of additional services to tailor our cleaning as much as possible to each office we look after.  

We know for sure that the cleanliness of the office plays a great role for the company.

A clean and professionally tidied office is like a person’s clothes: if it’s clean, it attracts people, and if it’s dirty, it rejects them.

So is a tidy office: good and talented employees want to stay there if it is cosy and clean, and contractors are happy to sign the necessary contracts for even more efficient cooperation.

A clean office also means taking care of the health of your employees.

A tidy office improves the well-being of everyone in it and becomes an indispensable condition for the effective work of employees, especially those who are allergic to, say, dust.

Switches, doorknobs and taps are objects that are touched by a large number of people every day and can cause bacteria and viruses to enter the human body, resulting in diarrhoea, abdominal pain and even vomiting.

Only professional cleaning with cleaning agents that not only clean, but also disinfect surfaces will guarantee the health of everyone in the room.

Our cleaning company has been working for many years with great success to make rooms clean and friendly for activity. We have a great deal of knowledge as a result of which we do our work to the highest standard. Our employees are true specialists who are passionate about their work and who tackle the assigned tasks with great commitment and care.

In questions of office cleaning, we are very flexible. We draw up a personalised action plan for each office, which we develop on the basis of an analysis of the facility and the individual requests of the clients. We adapt to all needs in such a way that we do not disturb the employees in the performance of their duties.

During cleaning, we use only proven methods that guarantee the highest quality, disinfection and a longer result after cleaning. We will provide a completely individual approach, service insurance. We guarantee the timely completion of our cleaning.
Our company never cancels or delays its services.

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mycia okien

Frequently asked questions:

For ordering a cleaning service, it is best to fill in the form on our website. It contains basic questions about the type of cleaning, the size of the office and the matching cleaning date. On the website you can view additional services and add them to your order. So that it is possible to price your cleaning free of charge. 

If you are not comfortable with this way of ordering, you can always contact us by phone and discuss all your questions live over the phone. 

General cleaning 

This is a one-off service that is mainly ordered after a renovation, a move or when there is old dirt in the office that cannot be got rid of with normal detergents. (For this type of cleaning we use stronger agents that help to fight even very old dirt).

There are plenty of plans for general cleaning depending on the situation and the dirtiness of the room. 

The general aim of general cleaning is the maximum tidying up of absolutely everything and total attention to detail.  


Systematic cleaning

Systematic cleaning is carried out according to the time interval discussed. Most often once or twice a week. Suits smaller offices with fewer employees. 


Daily cleaning 

The most common service, concerning office cleaning. It is a good solution for offices with a large number of employees, where the room gets dirty quicker and the amount of rubbish increases faster.

The fee for office cleaning depends on the size of the office. You can get a quote for a comprehensive office cleaning in literally one minute on our website. Enter the parameters of your office, include the additional services you are interested in and find out how much it costs.