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👩‍🔬 Come home to a clean house every day!

Imagine: you come home and the house is already clean! Do you think this is some kind of fairy tale? On the contrary, it is a real and pleasant reality that can happen with you starting today. 

🧽 Trust the cleaning to the professionals

Trust the cleaning of your home to the professionals on our team and see that there is no faster way to clean than calling a cleaning company. We promise you’ll be amazed at the result! 

🏆 Affordable price for our services

Professional cleaning saves you not only time but also money. While we are cleaning, you can calmly focus on your work, meet your partners, carry out your business plans. We guarantee an affordable price for our services and a 100% quality guarantee.


Our services include the following types of cleaning

  • general one-off cleaning
  • cleaning of the house after renovation or construction
  • maintenance cleaning (once a week and more often)
  • cleaning of the house territory and façade 
  • cleaning of the house after a fire, flood

The principles of our work


  1. transparent and loyal prices
  2. adherence to deadlines
  3. fulfilment of all obligations
  4. continuous improvement of skills and qualifications of performers 


Entrust the cleaning of your home in Warsaw to professionals.


We take care of any cleaning job, no matter how complicated: our team of contractors gets down to work regardless of the number of windows, stairs or other complex interior elements and decorations. We clean quickly but acutely, without avoiding hard-to-reach areas. 


Cleaning your home is not only a time-consuming but also quite responsible process. We know exactly how to carry out the cleaning properly, quickly and effectively. 

Our strengths: 

  • the professional experience of each employee is at least 2 years
  • inexperienced employees work only with experienced masters and do not go out on their own for cleaning work
  • modern professional equipment that meets all safety and quality requirements and with which we achieve a brilliant result for a shorter period of time
  • a well-developed and coordinated cleaning process between the workers themselves.


It is still important to emphasise the full difference between the cleaning of a flat and a house. First of all, it is all about territory. The territory of a house is generally no less than 100 square metres. Additional space “hides” in the attic, cellar, utility rooms, dressing room, two or three bathrooms. A sauna, a summerhouse, pathways and a playground also add extra metres. Each additional room requires a different approach to cleaning, as well as special tools, detergents and materials. 

Cleaning luxury homes

Sprzątanie luksusowych domów

We are often asked if we work with expensive private homes. Yes, cleaning elite homes is one of our company’s services. Regardless of the cost of the materials used to build the house and the cost of the surfaces and decorative elements used, such houses also need regular cleaning. Our team knows how to handle delicate materials. Prices for cleaning an elite private home can be inquired from our manager. 

You can order one-off house cleaning or regular cleaning from us.

Our client base is constantly expanding with new satisfied customers, and those who have ordered a one-off service from us often stay with us permanently. 


The cleaning we do in Warsaw is of a different nature, namely:

Cleaning to maintain the cleanliness of your home


One of the most popular services, which frees the homeowner from having to spend time washing and vacuuming every day. During one visit, our team will remove dust from all surfaces, wipe mirrors, vacuum, carry out wet cleaning, take out the rubbish and more. Such cleaning can take place several times a week or daily.

General house cleaning

Usually ordered less frequently. More cleaning services are included in the package for this type of cleaning. During general cleaning, we use stronger detergents so that the effect afterwards remains for longer. 


We also offer cleaning after construction and renovation work when the main type of contamination is caustic construction dust, which can only be cleaned with professional equipment. 


How we work?

fill in the contact form and wait for a call

our customer service manager will contact you and give you a consultation 

the manager will calculate the value of the service

on the date discussed, our contractors will come for cleaning

you can pay for the service up to or after the fact


We take all the necessary equipment with us. You should not need to have anything to wash or clean or your own cleaning products. Our contractors only use proven items and only if they know exactly how they work. 

Why do they recommend us?

our contractors are professional, trained, modernly equipped and very friendly

we work in all areas of Warsaw

we clean on the day of the order

we use high quality equipment and detergents

every cleaning is insured

our prices are lower for more of your orders. 

mycia okien
mycia okien

Frequently asked questions

Yes. Our brigade travels all over Warsaw and the surrounding areas. If you are not sure whether we can reach you, please contact our manager with this question. 

What should I do if an employee damages a valuable item during cleaning?

Such situations are quite rare in our company as the staff employed are highly trained and know how to handle the most fragile things in the house. In any case, we insure our service before every cleaning and we treat damage as an insurance matter. 

Yes. The cleaning of the house and all the territory around it is part of our responsibility. Please discuss all services and additional cleaning requests before the contractors go to your home. 

Yes. The client himself chooses which rooms need to be cleaned. It can be the whole house or some selected rooms. 

You can calculate the price of house cleaning on our website. Select the service “house cleaning” in the special search engine, enter how many rooms and what type of rooms you want to clean and whether you prefer to add additional services. 

You can always contact our manager and have a live chat if you have questions that are not answered on the website. 


If you have any special or unusual dirt in your home, the manager may ask to take a photo for you to assess and understand the whole situation.

If you are really looking for a good cleaning company, a specialist you can trust, contract with us. We’ll take all the hassle out of getting your home dirty, and all that’s left for you to do is enjoy the perfect cleanliness and your own life.