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The Best quality of cleaning is WYPRANELLA

👩‍🔬 Carefully selected staff

We only allow thoroughly checked people to do the cleaning, who have passed interviews and safety controls.Every employee undergoes regular training and follows trends in the cleaning industry.


🧽 Quality of professional chemicals

We only use professional cleaning chemicals because they maintain the cleaning effect much longer than ordinary household chemicals. We use chemicals from Grass, Amway, Jantex, HG, CIF professional and others.

🏆Clear and reasonable prices

We focus on fair prices, our customers can save money by ordering a subscription for several cleanings at the same time.

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We provide professional cleaning services for different types of rooms, window cleaning, furniture washing, cleaning rooms after renovation.
   Trust us and convince yourself –  cleaning has never been so easy and accessible.


  1. We have many years of experience in organising comprehensive cleaning of different types of rooms, furniture washing and window cleaning.
  2. We employ only professional and honest staff.
  3. 94% satisfied customers.
  4. We provide the most professional services in the cleaning company market.
  5. A few more reasons why you should work with us:
  6. High quality and excellent result after cleaning or washing furniture.
  7. We only use professional cleaning products in which we are confident.


professional cleaning company


Our specialists for the purchasing of chemicals and cleaning equipment precisely check all documents and certificates for the quality of this or that product.


All our employees have the appropriate education in professional cleaning and continue to receive ongoing training within the company.

Daily development and competitiveness.

Our specialists constantly keep abreast of the latest developments in the market for detergents and equipment for cleaning rooms, windows or furniture, in order to introduce the most up-to-date and effective cleaning methods for our customers.


We strive to ensure the highest level of safety for both client and employee. Our employees wear uniforms that protect them from chemicals. The room is always ventilated before the customer arrives.

Individual approach

We professionally assess the room or furniture to be cleaned and select individual cleaning agents.

Longer-term result compared to normal cleaning

We use professional chemicals that not only clean, but also prevent dirt from settling on the surface. This effect means that the surface will stay clean longer than after cleaning with an average cleaning agent.


We strive to ensure that our customers trust us and use our services again and again. Therefore, a high level of customer respect and honesty in our cooperation is our most important objective.

Why are people increasingly using cleaning services?

Until a few decades ago in our country, a professional cleaner could only be hired 

on a full-time basis for an office or one-time workers could be hired to clean a room after a renovation. Professional furniture washing or window cleaning was not even talked about.

As for today, an increasing number of our compatriots use a cleaning service not only for cleaning the office premises, but also for private purposes. We borrowed the idea of companies providing room cleaning, window cleaning or furniture washing services from other EU countries. And as you can see, it has taken root in Poland quite strongly and there are two main reasons for this:

firstly, the business owner does not have to overpay for a full-time cleaner and can order a cleaning service and pay for it only,

secondly, the private sector can also benefit from professional cleaning, which significantly widens and develops the scope of services in this industry.

Every year, the number of both Polish and foreign cleaning agencies increases in our country.


Why for cleaning after a renovation, are Polish people increasingly willing to hire cleaning companies?

Saving time

Life is getting faster and faster. In the pursuit of profit and career, it’s so hard to find time for secondary things like cleaning. By ordering a service from a cleaning company, you can be sure that you will get a clean flat, furniture and windows, and you can spend the time you would have spent cleaning on more ambitious things.



You can order the service when you need it and only pay for the specific work done. In the case of a company, it does not have to pay for a full-time cleaner.


Accessibility of the service

The service is inexpensive and accessible to everyone. In addition, we often offer various discounts and promotions for all services or for some additional services.


A clean flat or office is prestigious

Imagine suddenly having to receive unexpected guests or partners. The cleanliness of the room, the windows and the furniture in it will say something about you as someone who respects and cares about yourself and others.


Our health

For people who are allergic to various components in chemicals or people who have overly sensitive skin, ordering a cleaning service is if not the only way to have a clean flat without stress and health risks.


Longer and better results

We only use proven cleaning products and professional equipment to clean rooms, windows and furniture. Our detergents not only clean brilliantly, but also prevent the appearance of new dirt for a long time. The effect after such professional cleaning stays for much longer.

mycia okien
mycia okien

This is one of the most frequent questions we hear from users of our website. There are really a lot of cleaning agencies. Prices for cleaning vary from 30 zloty to even 200 zloty per hour. How not to become a victim of amateur cleaners and how not to overpay for such services?

First of all, we strongly recommend not to use very cheap proposals. You need to understand that real professionals will not work for such a low price. Plus on top of that, the price of the service includes cleaning products, which are not cheap either. So if a customer orders a drastically cheap cleaning service, he or she has to be ready to clean up after such a service with their own hands.

Conversely, if you feel that they have offered you too much for the service, you can call in a few more companies to compare prices, or ask around with someone who has already used such a service.

good staff management

skilful employment of staff

maintains its reputation

improving the skills of existing staff

ensures that the work is always done to a high standard and that the client is satisfied.

pricing policy suits most

All these qualities and even more are possessed by our cleaning company. If you are still deciding which cleaning company to use – start with ours. We are sure you will be satisfied and will stay with us.

he price for cleaning mainly depends on how long the cleaning itself will take and how many square metres you need to clean.

For example, for a standard room in the range of 40 sq m you will pay close to 180-200 zloty and the workers will need about 2-3 hours for the work itself.

For a room up to 100 sq.m. you will probably spend 250 – 350 PLN, and if you have a room of 100 sqm and above you will spend 450 – 600 zloty and it will take 5 – 7 hours to do the work.

First and foremost a cleaning company should offer the customer a complete professional cleaning service.

In addition to traditional office and flat cleaning, we also offer window cleaning, carpet cleaning, cleaning of electronic equipment, cleaning after renovation, one-off deep cleaning, and cleaning after moving in and out.

The average rate at a cleaning company for an hour of cleaning is 120 zloty. If they offer you a fee within these limits, it means that you are not overpaying.

Apart from that, there are different types of cleaning. For example, for a one-off cleaning of a fairly dirty room, the rate can undertake.

How to price a cleaning service?

We will now try to explain how to price a cleaning service correctly, but above all honestly.

First of all, what matters is whether the cleaning is thorough or daily.

By thorough cleaning we mean one-time cleaning. Usually such cleaning requires more work and effort and is generally more expensive. Also for thorough cleaning we use a different chemical. This chemistry is stronger than normal chemistry.

For daily cleaning, we do the work often or every day, we use a completely different chemistry for this, more delicate, so that the frequently cleaned surfaces do not get damaged.