Cleaning after renovation and post construction clean in Warsaw

Our cleaning company will clean your house or flat after renovation

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Cleaning your house or flat after renovation is very different from normal cleaning. It needs special cleaning products, another piece of equipment and a different approach in order to clean up quickly but effectively. 

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Today, not all construction teams clean up after themselves. If cleaning your flat or house after a renovation does not satisfy you, a professional cleaning company will come to your aid. 

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Our contractors will remove glue marks, stains from building mixes, clean mirror and glass surfaces, clean the gaps between tiles and carry out other work to make your home sparkle clean.

What we do before we start work:

Before the team of workers arrives for the cleaning, we assess the degree of dirtiness of the flat or house. For this, a representative of ours will come to you on the discussed date.

Particular attention is paid to whether the room is empty, whether there is any furniture in it, and we also assess whether the renovation was cosmetic or more serious.
Sometimes we may ask the client to send us a photo of the flat or make a short film.

– we assess the degree of contamination;
– calculate the number of cleaners;
– we select the necessary equipment and inventory;
– we calculate cleaning costs and agree them with the client.

Almost every renovation is associated with endless dust and mountains of building debris

Even with cosmetic repairs, construction dust remains on furniture, white goods, floors and other surfaces, which is difficult to get rid of yourself. Wiping off such dust with a simple damp cloth won’t do any good, but will only leave lots of grey lines when it dries. Familiar? Now you don’t have to do everything yourself. Delegate the post-renovation cleaning to professionals and enjoy a perfect result without any effort.

The price of post-renovation cleaning depends on the degree of contamination and the square footage of the flat or house itself. A comprehensive service includes everything except window cleaning. Window cleaning after renovation is ordered in addition.

Who does the cleaning?

For the cleaning of a house or flat after renovation, several cleaners come as the flat is often not empty and equipment and furniture have to be moved. As a guide, 2 cleaners come to clean a room up to 50 square metres and 3-5 cleaners come to clean a room from 50 to 100 square metres.

A question of your safety

Our staff can be trusted, as each service contractor goes through several stages of verification and confirms their personal details.

In order to maintain the quality of the service provided at the highest level, we regularly conduct online and offline training from our recruiters for contractors as a result of which all our employees are well-trained and have extensive knowledge of residential cleaning after renovation.

We work according to a discussed scheme so that we get the best post-cleaning result in the shortest time.

How is the cost of cleaning after renovation calculated?

sprzatanie po remoncie

A quote for cleaning a flat or house after renovation usually differs from a quote for ordinary cleaning. It usually involves an initial assessment of the room. As we wrote earlier, our specialist comes to the property to assess the workload live and estimate with the owner the exact cost.

A quicker method for such an estimate is our website, where you can calculate the approximate cost of cleaning virtually online. Type in the square footage of your room in our search engine and select from the list that comes up those post-renovation cases that suit you best, and include additional services if you need them. If you fill everything in correctly, the amount that falls out to you there will not be much different from the final one, or it will be the same at all.

You will only receive the final fee for such cleaning after you have spoken to a specialist.
Communication with our employee about the valuation of the room is free of charge.

What goes into our duties when cleaning a room after a renovation:

Construction dust is finer than normal dust, but also heavier. Similarly, builders can leave traces of friction, glue or paint that are difficult or even impossible to remove by hand.

Our team will arrive with a full set of equipment:

  • steam generators
  • floor cleaning equipment
  • construction vacuum cleaners
  • In addition, we carry napkins, sponges, mops, buckets, cleaning products, brushes and generally everything you might need for cleaning.

What cleaning after repairs includes:

  • cleaning of dust and cement marks with a special construction hoover
  • dry cleaning of walls and ceilings
  • Thorough wet cleaning of the entire tile (walls + floor)
  • Removal of dried adhesive and building tape from windows, mirrors, furniture.
  • cleaning of small building waste and rubbish from the flat
  • removal of paint, glue and tape stains from the floor (if possible)
  • collection and disposal of building waste
  • general cleaning

In addition:

  1. washing windows after renovation
  2. washing of bed mattresses, cleaning of all upholstery, washing of carpets or rugs.

What we do in each room:

In the residential room:

  • we vacuum the walls, ceilings, plinths, if possible the floor, closed and open surfaces (furniture), sockets, switches, doors, we vacuum the faucets with steam
  • wash the floor, all kinds of chandeliers
  • additionally we clean windows

In the kitchen:

  • the same operations we do in the living room
  • we polish taps, internal glass elements;
  • we clean the seams between the tiles, wash the tiles;
  • In the bathroom:
  • we clean the seams between wall and floor tiles
  • we wash tiles, sanitary elements, tilt and close surfaces, shower cubicle, bathtub, washbasin, mirror, door;

In the dressing room:

  • wash and clean all open and closed surfaces
  • we vacuum the walls and ceiling, chandeliers, floor coverings;

In addition to the standard set of services, we are open to or any wishes and requests from your side, so if you need additional options during the cleaning, you can always discuss them on the spot.

Algorithm for cleaning a flat after renovation

Every professional cleaning should have an elaborate scheme according to which you should work, so that you don’t get lost in your own activities and save yourself and your client time. The most important thing in this matter is step-by-step and strict adherence to the rules. The general cleaning of a flat or country house involves several main stages.

Removal of building rubbish

In order to free up your cleaning space, it is essential that you throw away exactly all the unnecessary things that the builders left behind after the renovation. Our contractors can arrange this for you, but in case the rubbish is heavy and there is too much of it, we can ask you to order a ‘rubbish removal’ service. Workers will quickly clear your home of unwanted rubbish and take it to an approved location.

Cleaning the property

The next stage will be the general cleaning of the entire flat or house after the renovation. Above we have already given a detailed description of the work in all rooms. The most important thing at the beginning of the cleaning is to remove dust and small particles that spread quickly. The next steps are individual depending on the situation.

Taking care of furniture during post-renovation cleaning

During cleaning, furniture is usually moved to a spare room or simply covered with material. Unfortunately, such activities do not at all guarantee that they will be left completely clean after cleaning. We should remember that construction dust spreads times faster than normal dust and easily settles on upholstery. This is why we also clean and vacuum the furniture with special care products after all the cleaning.

Additional services and the end of cleaning

Once the main list of tasks is over, we can move on to whatever additional services you have requested. Most often, our customers choose window cleaning after renovation and carpet washing.

Do you value your time?

If you value your time and effort, the optimal solution is to call on our cleaning service.

Cleaning after a renovation has its own specifics – dirt often cannot be removed without special chemicals. We do not advise you to deal with difficult stains yourself, e.g. from glue or paint.

Our contractors know how to eliminate contaminants so as not to damage freshly laid tiles, leave stains on the parquet and not to overdo the cleaning agents.
Construction dust disperses very quickly throughout the flat, so this procedure will have to be repeated 2-3 times until the effect is visible.

We use acid and alkaline chemicals, brushes, scrapers and a steam generator to remove traces of glue, abrasion, putty and paint.

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mycia okien

Frequently asked questions

No. The visit or any communication with a member of staff to estimate the work is free of charge.

Before the cleaning, we recommend that you collect your personal belongings and important valuables. Documents, valuable papers, money should be left in a safe place where they cannot be damaged. 

Our employees carry all the necessary equipment and materials. For the cleaning of flats after renovation, as well as for any kind of cleaning service, it is only necessary to have access to the facility, water supply and electricity.

The use of effective stain removal chemicals can remove most stains. However, it should not be forgotten that irresistible stains can even appear in the sun. Some contaminants are more strongly bound to the fibres of the fabric than the dye. Unfortunately, the complete removal of wine stains, machine oil marks and paint stains is not guaranteed.

Our employees have many years of experience in the cleaning industry and have undergone training, apprenticeships and instruction. Most of our employees have been working for us for more than a year. They all have professional training. When recruiting new employees, we prefer candidates with recommendations and work experience. Newcomers at the beginning of their career work with experienced masters, which gives us the opportunity to assess their skills and professional abilities.