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👩‍🔬 highly qualified cleaning of carpets

We carry out highly qualified cleaning of carpets and rugs of any soiling and of any pile length. We use modern and proven equipment, which allows us to wash your carpets quickly without even removing them from your home.

🧽 Jrug cleaning services

Carpet cleaning in our company can be ordered as an additional service to cleaning or as a separate service (only carpet or rug cleaning without cleaning).

🏆 Steam cleaning

For cleaning, we use special modern equipment that allows us to wash your carpet immediately at your home. This saves time for the service and your additional costs for collection and delivery of the carpets.

Results of our carpets cleaning

Why should you order your carpet or rug cleaning ?

1. Health care
We use hypoallergenic certified and EU approved detergents which guarantee purity and safety.
2. speed and revolutionary approach
We are a modern company with a completely new way of looking at the problem of pollution and the fight against it. We wash your carpets and rugs on the day you order the service.
We don’t need to collect carpets , for example, for a dry cleaning service and then deliver them to your home. We wash on site and leave you with new, sparkling clean carpets or rugs after a few hours.
3. Highly qualified staff
We are familiar with all the most effective carpet and rug cleaning techniques known to date and the most suitable detergents for each material. Our in-depth knowledge helps us quickly find an individual approach to cleaning each carpet so that the result exceeds expectations
4. Deep cleaning of a pile of any length and from any material
Our trained and highly skilled contractors work with all types of materials used in carpets and rugs and pick up the cleaning for each one separately. We separately clean stains of different origins and ages.
5. Working for results
We are interested in your long-term cooperation with us. That’s why we always wash to your satisfaction, even if you are a really fussy customer. We strive for perfection every day, removing all stains, unpleasant odours and micro parasites, while giving maximum effort and attention to your carpet and rugs.

Take care of your health!

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If you have even one carpet or rug in your home think about when it was last cleaned. If the date in your mind is longer than 6 months – fill in our contact form faster and wait for a manager to contact you.

Carpets make our homes cosy, but at the same time they need regular cleaning because dust, hair, animal fur and other dirt collect on them. Inevitably, carpets also get stains from eating coffee or drinks. The longer the pile in a carpet and the darker the colour, the less dirt we notice on it, but that doesn’t mean you have to ignore cleaning it at all.

Dirty carpets also like to be inhabited by various bacteria and mites, which multiply even more rapidly if water accidentally finds its way onto the carpet or rug. These invisible organisms can cause various allergies and respiratory problems. It is much more pleasant and cheaper to wash your carpet or rug than to go to see an allergist.

How our professionals wash carpets and rugs?

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Professional carpet and rug cleaning in Warsaw is provided in several stages: 


  1. we knock out the carpet on special equipment. (only for carpets that are not fixed to the floor).
  2. we vacuum (using a hoover we remove micro-particles and hair which are left after the carpet has been knocked out. We begin the treatment of carpets that are attached to the floor by vacuuming with precision)
  3. we wash and remove stains from the carpet or rug with a special machine. 
  4. Dry the carpet using the “Drying” mode.
  5. comb the pile in the necessary direction so as not to leave marks from the machine. 


cleaning carpets and rugs with our company has many advantages that you can experience when you ask for help with cleaning.


A perfectly clean carpet is a guarantee of no dust or dirt in your home, which means you will breathe clean air. A clean home means a healthy family! After professional cleaning, your carpet will return to its new look and you will enjoy cleanliness and the pleasant smell of freshness.


Carpet and rug cleaning in Warsaw with our cleaning company will be your best solution in the fight against the contamination of your favourite carpet.

What if you just vacuum often?


Did you know that regular carpet cleaning is just as important as regular vacuuming? 

Carpets are an optimal design solution that give a room a special feeling of cosiness and comfort. However, they affect not only the mood, but also health. Carpets have the ability to collect dirt particles and debris, thus posing a risk to our health. 

Unfortunately, even daily self-cleaning wet cleaning does not result in 100% cleanliness. Complete removal of dust, sand, wool, hair and various types of stains is only possible with professional equipment using special cleaning agents.

The skilled hands of our experienced carpet and rug cleaning specialists are always ready to save you from unnecessary problems, dirt and stains on your favourite carpet. 

We offer full deep carpet cleaning on site. We use state-of-the-art equipment and professional laundry detergents that will restore your carpet to its original appearance, remove unpleasant odours and ingrained dirt.

mycia okien
mycia okien


t is recommended to wash carpets and rugs once every six months and there are several important reasons for this. 

Firstly, if there are complicated stains on the carpet, cleaning once every six months gives you the chance to wash such a carpet 100 per cent. 

Secondly, the lifespan of the carpet or rug is increased and its new look is prolonged. 

And thirdly, we do not forget about bacteria, which also need to be fought regularly. 

Professional carpet cleaning is recommended at least once every 6 months. However, if we are talking about stains, it is better not to delay and order the service as soon as possible. Old stains are difficult to remove even with professional means. It is also important to know that by trying to remove the stains yourself, you reduce the chances of the stains being completely removed by professionals.


cleaning carpets and rugs at home or using a cleaning company


As a rule, after cleaning carpets or rugs at home, stains remain, darkening of individual areas is observed, the colour of the fibres is damaged, there is often a musty smell and inappropriate drying promotes the reproduction of bacteria. 


Therefore, in order to achieve an impeccable appearance and quality of the carpet products, it is necessary to strictly adhere to the chemical cleaning process. Based on many years of experience in dry cleaning carpets, our company has developed an optimal technological process that ensures that the highest possible cleaning effect is achieved on carpets and rugs while maintaining the integrity of the fibres and the colour of the product. 


Each product used for carpet cleaning is certified for quality and safety, which guarantees not only high effectiveness, but also does not harm pets, family health or cause allergic reactions.

There is one quite effective yet simple method for cleaning carpets or rugs. It suits almost all types of materials. It’s called cross vacuuming. It involves vacuuming in one direction first and then changing the direction of the brush by 90 degrees. A carpet vacuumed using the cross vacuuming method is better cleaned of dirt, dust and hair. This method can also be used for ordinary domestic vacuuming. 

We cannot guarantee to wash 100% of all stains from your carpet. In most cases, we wash everything 100 per cent, but sometimes there are very old stains, for example from oil or red wine, which have already been so absorbed into the material that they have become part of it. Such stains unfortunately leave grey marks after cleaning. 

Request a carpet and rug cleaning service now by filling in our contact form. Our impeccable service and attention to detail will not leave you indifferent. 


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