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For many people, cleaning is not one of their favourite household chores, but it is indispensable in order to live nicely and pleasantly in your own apart. Today, you don’t have to come home after a hard day’s work and, instead of resting, still force yourself to wash the dishes, vacuum, dust, do the laundry and so on late into the night.

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Delegate the job to the professionals of our cleaning company and enjoy a wonderful result without any effort on your part. Our contractors are passionate about their work and are more than happy to do everything for you.

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Shortly about the cleaning service

Our cleaning service differs from others in its convenience and flexibility. This means that on the basis of a standard cleaning service and the inclusion of additional services, you can create a completely individual service that best suits your situation.

You can choose the services yourself online or discuss them over the phone with a manager. You decide for yourself what kind of cleaning you really need. We do not impose additional unnecessary or hidden services on our customers. Cleaning can be ordered on a one-off basis or on a regular basis. The intervals between services are decided by the customer himself.

Summarising all the above we conclude: if you are looking for a good cleaning company for yourself, you have come to the right place.

On our website you can order professional cleaning, after which you will certainly be left satisfied. Why are we so confident?

We provide a myriad of basic and additional cleaning services, from which you one hundred percent will be able to choose what fits especially for you.

  • Normal cleaning
  • One-off cleaning after renovation
  • Washing of furniture and sofas
  • Kitchen and bathroom cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Office cleaning
  • Window cleaning (including after refurbishment)
  • Mattress cleaning

How we work?

You can order and calculate the cleaning directly on our website. You can contact us using the contact form or by telephone. We are always “hands free” and ready to leave for the cleaning on the day of the order. We work 24/7 and our prices are reasonable and fixed. We accept payment by card, cash or on account. Our specialists have all the necessary things for cleaning and do not use the client’s equipment or cleaning products. We also have a system of nice offers and discounts for regular customers: the more often you order a service, the more discount you have with our company.

What a basic cleaning of the entire flat looks like
The whole flat cleaning service includes cleaning of all rooms, hallway, kitchen and bathroom. Everywhere in the flat we vacuum carpets, rugs, small rugs (for example in the bathroom), wash the floor, doorknobs, switches, doors.

We also collect and dispose of rubbish from all over the flat, and we put all necessary things such as clothes, shoes in the room or hallway, personal hygiene products in the bathroom, kitchen things, chairs beautifully arranged and tidy.

We wipe the dust off dining tables, coffee tables, windowsills and other open surfaces. We also wipe down the wall tile, if there is any. In the bedroom, we change the sheets and make the bed. We wipe down all mirrors and mirrors.

In the kitchen, we wash the furniture doors including the fridge door, microwave, clean the cooker and sink.

In the bathroom, we disinfect the toilet, wash the sink, bathtub, shower cubicle and taps.

What additional services can you order from our cleaning company?

Additional services often concern kitchen and bathroom items, but it happens that clients add carpet or furniture washing to their general cleaning. Below is a list of our additional services:

For the entire flat:

washing of carpets of which material and of which pile length

washing of upholstered furniture (sofas, couches, armchairs, chairs with soft padding, pouffes)

laundering of mattresses

window cleaning

chemical cleaning of mattresses

For kitchens:

washing the defrosted fridge

washing microwave, oven, hood inside

washing and tidying of kitchen cupboards

For the bathroom If the washbasin, bathtub or shower in the bathroom is very dirty, washing them may be considered an extra service and may need a surcharge.

mycia okien
mycia okien

Frequently asked questions

When going to your flat for cleaning, our employees take all the cleaning products and cleaning items they need with them, such as, for example, microfibre cloths for different types of surfaces, sponges, bucket, mop, scrapers and brushes. We can also take a hoover with us on request. 

If you order an additional service, we also take all the necessary items with us for its implementation. 


Therefore, the customer does not need to have any detergents or cleaning items at all. We also point out that we only use professional products and that the result after cleaning with these is times better than with ordinary products. 

We only employ well-trained staff and continuously train them further. We do not allow a new employee to go out for cleaning without our testing. We encourage our employees to exchange their own experience with each other, which has a very positive effect on their professionalism and ability to communicate with the client. 


We do not employ temporary staff. Our team are permanent employees whom we know very well and we do not doubt their integrity. 

Each of our contractors is informed about their behaviour, their rights, their responsibilities and their and the client’s safety when carrying out the work. 

If you are not satisfied with something after our cleaning, you can call the complaints department or write us an e-mail. Describe your situation to the manager and we will rectify it in the shortest possible time.  

We always have specialists ready to leave for the cleaning as soon as the client makes the request. In general, it is the customer who chooses the cleaning time, and our cleaning company’s employees adapt to each individual request. 

The client does not have to be in the flat all the time during the cleaning. Discuss with the contractor how long the cleaning will take and only come at the end to check everything.